Brian Eastin

Brian was born and raised in Newberg, Oregon, and first got into audio/video when he re-wired his father’s favorite pair of headphones to act as speakers for their TV. He was quickly grounded and not allowed to watch or listen to the TV for a month. His passion for sound only grew from there. He started building his own speakers, amplifiers, and cables, which was a great hobby–until he realized he could buy speakers cheaper than making them that sounded just as good, if not better.
Brian is another Magnolia/Best Buy transplant, where he worked for seven
years, as well as six years at Geek Squad. He worked his way up to double agent,
the highest level a technician can reach. He also was trained in video calibration, which is something he is very passionate about and very good at. Clients who have had this done to their TVs say they can really see a difference in the picture quality. Although he has only been here a year, he has fit in very well from the start. He really enjoys being a part of a dynamic and experienced team of professionals
who treat each client’s home as their own. He also appreciates that each new, unique job increases his skill set every day.
Outside of work, Brian likes to play golf, work on projects around the house, and spend time with his wife, Angela, and daughter, Avery.