Jeff Kinnaman

Jeff Kinnaman has worked for the Chelsea Audio Video installation department for 18 years. He started out as the low man on the totem pole, fetching tools and wire for the other installers and doing most of the crawling around in attics and crawl spaces, but proved very quickly to be a key component in the success of the install department. He quickly worked his way up to become a lead installer with apprentices under him, who excelled with Jeff as a mentor and leader. When the project manager position became available, it was a foregone conclusion who would get it. Now, he runs and directs the entire install department.
Jeff grew up in Portland, Oregon, and his passion for audio/video equipment started in high school when he¬†developed an interest in car audio. His passion subsided a bit after his and his friends’ systems were stolen. A friend working in the install department at Chelsea recommended Jeff as a replacement when he left for a new job. The rest is history!

Jeff loves working for a small, family-owned company where thoughts and ideas are heard, appreciated, and quickly implemented–where he feels like a critical part of the team. In his free time, Jeff likes fishing and spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and their 2 daughters, Kierstin and Kailey.