Matt Muusse

Matt Muusse is Mark’s older brother, and also came to us via Best Buy. When Mark got called up from Triple A to the majors and began selling full time, we needed to fill his position. He highly recommended his brother who wanted a change from the corporate life. Matt got the job and quickly established himself as a hard working, driven, systems-oriented person who meshed well with the staff and fit in right away. He has been here just over a year, and the warehouse is as organized as it’s ever been, making the sales and install teams run smoother then ever.
Matt also grew up in Utah, and his love of music drove him into this profession. He plays the bass guitar in the band, and has no part in the vocals, thankfully! In his free time he coaches Lacrosse, goes on hikes with his Dog, Oden, and makes delicious coffee at his Girlfriend’s coffee shop in Beaverton. Music has always been a passion and big part of Matt’s life. Now he has to listen to it each and everyday at work (while getting paid). Things could be so much worse!