Ryan Dahneke

Ryan grew up in Redding, California. His first taste of good audio/video was in a family friend’s home theater, complete with projector, very large screen, enormous speakers, and a couple subwoofers. He really enjoyed showing off the system, and after a couple thunderous showings of Top Gun, Ryan was hooked. After graduating from Chico State University with a degree in Economics, he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He did know he wanted out of California, so he embarked on a quest to find home. After a short-lived experiment staying in Seattle, he drove down to Portland and quickly fell in love with the city. That was in 2006. He has been here ever since.

Just over four years ago, Ryan was working at a bank, wearing a suit and pushing paper behind a desk all day. He had the realization he couldn’t do this for the rest of his life. He saw Chelsea was hiring for an install position and applied for it with no prior experience. He seemed passionate about learning what we do, and was excited about being mentored by Jeff. He has since received his low-voltage electrical license and is an integral part of the install team. Being a part of a passionate team, where everyone works hard to give clients the best possible experience is a big reason Ryan loves his job.

In his free time Ryan likes to spend time with his wife, Sarah, and
daughter, Ayla. His parents moved just outside Portland to be closer
to their granddaughter, so they spend quite a bit of time with them
along with friends. He also likes spending time outdoors and doing
projects around the house.