Scott Mason

Scott Mason has been a sales associate with Chelsea Audio Video for three years. Scott spent seven years as the assistant manager of the Sony store in Washington Square Mall before his wife saw a Craigslist ad for a sales position at Chelsea. Sony was a good stepping stone for Scott, because he developed into a professional retail sales person, and learned to help clients figure out what products would work best for their wants and needs. However, the feel was much more of a big box store. You never got the person’s name until the register, then handed them a few packages on their way out the door. Scott never knew if they enjoyed what they bought, or if the item or system was set up properly. As a project-based company, Chelsea is much more Scott’s speed, and he enjoys qualifying clients and sitting down with plans or drawings of the entire area where they want work done. He loves developing a relationship with people, as these projects can take months or years to complete. Scott is glad to be involved from start to finish.
His passion and enthusiasm for audio/video started when he was 12 years old and saw Jurassic Park in a movie theater. Home theater systems were a new phenomenon at the time, and he began building his own out of old components and speakers from relatives and Goodwill. When clients come into the store interested in a home theater, Scott tries to give them the same experience he got years ago as he demonstrates the equipment. When not at work, Scott likes to hang out with his wife and kids, play tennis, and tinker with his home theater. Oh yeah, he is a big Portland Trail Blazers fan as well. Go Blazers!!!